Cornwall Lavender

Nanplough Farm is the home of Cornwall Lavender and lies just inland of the Atlantic coast, on the western side of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall, we are the UK’s most southerly Lavender Farm. In 2017, wildflower seeds were scattered on 5 acres to encourage and improve biodiversity and give something back to nature, the hummingbird hawk moth, one of our favourite visitors, feeds on Valerian in the summer months among bees and butterflies. In the UK many species of bees are in decline, we are working to protect our wildlife and provide an insect friendly habitat. Bees and lavender are very good friends, so in we decided to plant Lavender.

Our love of Lavender began years before by discovering the many wonderful natural properties of
the essential oil when visiting the Lavender fields of Provence and it set a seed in our hearts which
remained dormant until 2018 when we planted just 200 small Lavender plugs of different varieties
to test which were suited to the area and before long discovered that the bunnies’ were very partial
to one of the varieties but the others, thankfully, were not quite as tasty and were thriving in the
Cornish soil, naturally we chose the rabbit proof varieties and in 2019 , with a lot of help from
friends, planted 5000 plants by hand in a 3 acre south facing sloped field with another 6 acres
planned for springtime.
Both varieties of Lavender grown here have been carefully selected and we intend to add other
varieties over time.
Folgate (Lavandula Angustifolia) is an outstanding plant variety with striking blue flowers with an
almost ultraviolet appearance around dawn and dusk, it produces a deliciously sweet fragrant oil
with medicinal properties.
Grosso (Lavandula Intermedia) this classic hybrid Lavender is grown for its deep blue spikes of
flowers with wide grey green foliage, this variety is excellent for oil production, it has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, an eco-friendly alternative to wedding confetti and has
many culinary uses.
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